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Meet the Team!

Rijeka Team

Marina Manganaro

City Coordinator

Chaotic-Good astroparticle physicist, focused on extra-galactic sources: enthusiastic Linux user, Dungeon Master, and coffee addicted. People say about me that I am unstoppable

Jelena Strišković

"Atoms To Galaxies" Event Manager

Loud and noisy Astroparticle physics PhD student who can talk endlessly. I love wondering around forest and mountains with my camera, adore SF and dystopian books and cannot live without coffee, beer, chocolate and my car.

Filip Pavun


Physics student with an interest in theory. Loves nature and its smaller creatures. Collects vintage cameras and for some odd reason, rocks. Big fan of the gamma function.

Vanesa Ujčić

Event Manager

Long-time amateur astronomer; fan of fantasy, reading and writing; crazy cat lady; metalhead.

Jasmina Isaković

"Beautiful Mind" Event Manager

Neurophysicst who is an avid follower of James Clerk Maxwell, Bruce Lee and Piet Mondrian. Likes threading the in-between regions – believer in the strength of interdisciplinary work; loves both country and metal music. Collects small memory trinkets, nail polish, coffee sugar packets and books. Would like to adopt all the dogs (or just Grogu).

Zrinka Vrček


Master student of physics and environmental science. Mostly interested in climate models and waste management. I enjoy company of my spoiled cats, Baudelaire poems and recycling.

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